Atlantic Cliffs

"What am I supposed to do with it?" "Whatever you want. It's yours." She vacillated. "I've already tried to get rid of it once." "No. You did not try to get rid of it. You dismissed it as a trifle unworthy of paying attention to. Trifles can be fate's transfer stations; this was a case of that. "It's just a boarding pass. A piece of paper with numbers." I smiled. "Are you playing the fool? Or take me for one? Of course not. You take me for a maniac." She let out a deep sigh and looked at the ocean. The tide was low, white wave crests crushing on the shore so far away it was hard to bel...


Inconstancy and inflexibility

I will tell you what I liked in Augusta most. She was inflexible. To me, she looked like she had an iron rod in her body. I marveled at the concentration her back exuded when she sat in the cafeteria pondering over another pile of academic problems. Hers was a posture of someone knowing how to reach her goals, and it was the same impression I caught in every glance stolen at her. Did it mean she never lost? Of course not. After all, she belonged to the saddest breed of women... do you know what I mean? It's when you enter a hall with fifty men, and forty-nine of them will lick their lips at y...


The Only Muse

buddha - the only muse

I heard somewhere that Buddha did not refuse the poisoned food just because he did not want to upset the giver who was completely clueless. I was no Buddha, and she poured the poison into my wine with her own hand, but could I still drink it? Could I really die just to avoid killing her? I was thinking about it with some feverish incoherence, flouncing from one unpredictable extreme to another, but alas, the answer remained the same. I could not, no matter how much I wanted. Not even because I was holding a grudge against her for this treacherous act which must have seemed so significant t...