Revising A Novel Via Kindle’s Text-To-Speech Feature


Writing a novel is not easy, but when it is finished the job isn’t done yet, as it is now time for revisions. In this essay I discuss what I consider an extremely effective way of revising a novel, or any other piece of writing. It consists of uploading the text onto Kindle as a Word document and having the device read it back to you via the text-to-speech option. The Secret Power of Kindle I discovered this way of text revision rather accidentally. For a very long time, I was a big fan of Kindle’s text-to-speech option, listening to all sorts of literature, from computer-science and eco...


Lucid Dreaming


Lucid dreaming is awareness of having a dream while it is happening. Despite seeming impossible, lucid dreaming is a working state of consciousness that can be achieved by anyone through discipline and determination. Lucid dreaming opens up endless possibilities for adventures and self-improvement, as well as serves as a means of performing acts that go beyond the scientific laws known to us and could be described as magic. How to become lucid in a dream The reason why most people are unaware of lucid dreaming is because the ability to become lucid in a dream hardly ever happens by itself ...


My Bahamian Vacation

bahamas vacation - resort

Happiness is too personal an affair to be shared with a large group of people. I few weeks ago I came back from the Bahamas where I was on vacation, and today I finally decided to report how it went. But, unlike I did with my Vermont vacation, this one will be nothing but pictures. I could say that this is an exercise in not-doing, but I don't think it would be true. Rather, I feel there is no need to put what happened on the Bahamas in word because it is no one's business. Do you know what not-doing is, by the way? It is very simple, and yet very complicated. Whatever you do by habit, rout...


The First Time A Person Visits Your Website, or the Path to Following

the first time a person visits your website

Back in 1885, a certain Thomas Smith wrote a guide Successful Advertising. It is only twenty sentences long, but remains as relevant in the 21st century as it must have been in the 19th. Inspired by its exemplary conciseness and precision, I wrote a similar document describing the conversion of a random website visitor into a follower. Effective Frequency: the Path to Following The first time a person visits your website, she does it by accident. The second time a person visits your website, she does it out of curiosity. The third time a person visits your website, (more…)


Have you ever done cocaine?

Salvador Dali - Portrait of Picasso

(a scene from a play I may write one day)   Cast of Characters HOST GUEST AUDIENCE   Playwright's Note Based on a true story, as always.   Have you ever done cocaine?   TV studio. HOST and GUEST in the middle, AUDIENCE around.   HOST Have you ever done cocaine? GUEST Why should you ask me such questions in front of the camera? HOST You know you don't have to answer. GUEST By your rules, perhaps. Not by mine. HOST Did I understand it correctly that tonight you will answer any questions? GUEST Lets not rush, we've just begun. Good trick, by the...


Andy Warhol – So happy (1958)


A few days ago while taking a break from whatever I was doing I focused my attention on the reproduction of Andy Warhol’s So Happy (1958) which my wife had glued to the wall. While contemplating the Purr-pattern at the top of the picture, I realized that Andy must have played a joke there. It was clear to me that all the Purring could not originate from a single source, and that the bunch close to the upper left corner had to come from another cat which was never painted. So, what exactly did Andy try to accomplish in his So Happy? One can hardly suspect the master of any maliciousness, or ba...


How to play dominoes: domino rules

Dominoes (or dominos) generally refers to the collective gaming pieces making up a domino set or to the subcategory of tile games played with domino pieces Wikipedia How to Play Dominoes like Tennis Dominoes is an exciting game for people of all ages and intellectual preferences. There are many ideas about how to play dominoes, though most of them are similar. This article describes the rules of domino tennis designed by Danil Rudoy. Can there be a connection between such dissimilar games? Yes! Domino tennis is based upon grouping points by games and sets. Read on to find out how.